HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT FOR 2014 BENEFITS DUE MARCH 31, 2015. All BJC medical plan recipients and their spouses/same gender domestic partner must complete a Health Risk Assessment at by March 31, 2014 to avoid an additional $50 premium per pay period.

EMPLOYEE SERVICE CENTER OPENED OCTOBER 21 – for your benefits, leaves or tuition questions, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday. Call 314-362-2184 in area, 1-855-362-2184 (toll free) out of area, or email: Remember, all benefits, leave and tuition information can be found 24/7 in myHR (myBJCnet).

If you need to request a leave (e.g. FMLA), please call the BJC Leave Resource Center at 1-855-314-4400 (toll free) to speak with a leave specialist.

All BJC Benefits information is located in myBJCnet (PeopleSoft) in myHR. Please click here (link will open in a new window/tab) to access the online system or copy/paste the following into your internet browser: You will be required to log on to PeopleSoft using your network ID and password (the same as your MyTime ID and password). Please call the IS help desk at 362-4700 if you need assistance logging in.

Helpful instructions for a variety of tasks in PeopleSoft are located on this site under the “Education” section or by clicking here. Once on the page, simply scroll and click the desired link to view the PDF instructions.

For questions about 401(k) or 403(b) investment plans call our plan partner, Vanguard, at 1-800-523-1188.

Dependent Eligibility Verification
If you enrolled a new dependent or dependents in your medical or dental options, you will be contacted by the administrator, Secova. As part of BJC’s dependent eligibility verification process, Secova will mail you a packet containing instructions about required documentation.

When requesting a leave (e.g. FMLA), please be prepared to provide employee name, date of birth, and either the employee’s social security number or BJC employee ID number. Upon your request for a leave, paperwork will be mailed to your home. Please complete the Employee’s portion of the leave form and have your doctor complete the Medical Certification portion of the form. Please make sure that nothing is left blank on the form. If any area of the form is left blank this will delay the approval of your request for leave or can cause your request for leave to be denied.

Medical ID cards
New enrollees in medical and dental options will have ID cards mailed to their home by the end of December 2013. Those who re-enrolled for 2014 will receive new medical ID cards. If you haven’t received your card(s), please call Cigna, 800-244-6224. You can also print out a temporary card at Remember, even if you don’t have a card, you can still verify your eligibility by providing your health care provider or pharmacist with the Group No. 3335018 and your social security number.

Cigna is offering the option to have the name and phone number of your primary care physician printed on your medical ID card(s). Only physicians listed as a primary care physician in the Cigna Open Access Plus (OAP) network can be listed on your ID card. A specialist cannot be listed on your card. If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, contact Cigna at 800-244-6224 or go to to enter the information.

Residents: if you need a medical ID card, call Coventry at 800-338-4123 or go to to print out a card for you and/or a dependent. Your health care benefit provider can verify your eligibility with your date of birth and social security number.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) PayFlex card
If you elected a health care reimbursement account for 2013 and are in need of an additional PayFlex Card, call PayFlex Customer Service at 855-620-9975. If you haven’t yet registered and logged in to your FSA account at PayFlex’s HealthHub, you’ll want to do so soon. That’s because is where you can file a claim, access real-time account balance(s) and transactions, order additional PayFlex cards, view eligible expense listings, get answers to FAQs, and more.

New participants: A PayFlex card will be mailed to your home address in a plain, white envelope before your coverage-effective date. Upon receipt of your PayFlex card, register and log in to your flexible spending account at PayFlex’s HealthHub. Go to, click on “Register now” and follow the prompts to set up your username, password, and security question and answer. Then click “Submit.” At HealthHub, you’ll have online access to:
• file a claim
• access real-time account balance(s), transactions and claims history information
• view eligible expense listings, educational materials and answers to FAQs
• find tools and resources to help you take full advantage of your FSA
• order additional PayFlex cards for your spouse and/or eligible dependent

Current participants: Your PayFlex card has a five-year lifespan, as long as you remain an active participant. If you re-enrolled in a health care FSA for 2013, don’t dispose of your current PayFlex card, as you won’t automatically receive a new one. Your current card will be “loaded” with your election for 2013. If you disposed of your card and need to request a new one, call PayFlex, 855-620-9975.

You can submit a claim for reimbursement online at via Express Claims, or complete a paper claim and fax or mail it to PayFlex.

Update your home address
To ensure the delivery of any work-related item mailed to your home, please take a moment to update your home mailing address. It’s really easy to do. Simply go to myHR, click on myPersonal Information, check to see if your current mailing address is listed and, if not, click on the “Change home/mailing addresses” button and update your address.

BJH/BJC offers great benefits for its team members, including:
- Tuition
$4,500 reimbursed each year for tuition, books, specialty certifications and/or re-certifications of RNs in the S50 salary grade
- BJC learning account –
contribute after-tax dollars, BJC will match up to $500 per year
- Pension –vested after 5 years of service with BJC
- 401K match –
up to 1.75% match.
- Domestic Partner Benefits
- Adoption Benefit
- PDP programs (RN, Rehab/Respiratory)
- BSN pay ($.60) for bedside staff nurses
- Short-term disability
- Long-term disability
- 30% off in cafeteria
- Life Insurance
- Long term care
- Voluntary short-term disability
- Free parking
- Health savings account
- Dependent care savings account
- Discounted Metro passes
- Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – financial advisors, mental health, family health
- Crisis relief (BJH only-through EAP)
- Career advisors/Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL)
- CLL bachelor’s/master’s degree cohorts
- Wellaware Center onsite
- Onsite daycare
- Various vendor discounts
- Onsite pharmacies
- Onsite banking
- Employee Resource Centers
- Mybjc…labs online

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